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We offer free and paid onlline courses for musical instruments like Guitar and Piano and Digital Keyboard. We also offer chord notations for all the latest songs. Become a member of this website for free and get to learn the Music theory for free! Forever!

About Me

Hello there, I am Sagar, an engineer, musician and a web developer by profession. I am the founder of Sagar’s Music Academy and we offer specialized affordable courses for musical instruments like Guitar and Digital Keyboard and Piano. I write a daily blog here which covers the song notations for all the latest songs and Music theory for free!


Keys Lessons

Premium and free courses are offered for Piano, Digital Keyboard.

Jamming Tracks

Play the instrument of your choice along with the jamming tracks collection on our website.

Guitar Lessons

Quality courses curated by experienced faculty for guitar.

Drummer Buddy

This is the exclusive feature offered at Sagar’s Music Academy wherein you can practice along with virtual drums.

Staff Notations

All the lessons are taught in staff notations.

Music Theory

Free Music theory lessons in our regularly updated blog.

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